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The first EP of Estradasphere. It contains the single "The Silent Elk of Yesterday" and many live recordings from the next album "Buck Fever".
The opening track being a complete Black Metal song forces the listener to think that she/he bought a dumb metal cd. But by the second track the listener changes his/her mind. Especially "Millenium Child" makes the listener realize how different is Estradasphere from other bands. It's also a good taste of the live performance of the band.
Complete track listing as follows;
1. The Silent Elk of Yesterday
2. Crag Lake
3. Millenium Child (live)
4. The Dapper Bandits
5. The Ventriloquist Choir (live)
6. Mikapses Yitonisa (live)
7. Burnt Corpse (live)
8. Rise n' shine (live)
9. Disco Time (live)
10. A tune by F.F.C. (live)
11. The Princes of Xibalba (live)
12. The Penguin (live)
13. Techno in the Style of Burning Man (live)
14. Some Turkish Song (live)
15. Aunt Nellie's Love Gravy (live)
16. Medley #3 (live)
17. Some Irish Song (live)
18. Hunger Strike (ending) (live)

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