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The Six-Step is basic to all b-girls and b-boys (breakdancers or "breakers"). This element consists of six steps with the body close to the ground, and appears as if the legs are moving around the body in a circle with minimal movement of the arms and upper body. When learning how to break, the Six-Step is the first element that should be learned, to gain confidence and to learn a move that can always start or be returned to in a routine. The Six-Step can begin at any step but is easiest to start from step 1.

Steps for a Counterclockwise Six-Step:
(Everything within one step should be performed simulateneously.)

Start from a squatting position, on the balls of your feet, and your arms in front of your torso, with your hands lightly touching the ground.

  1. Raise your LEFT arm off the ground. Let your RIGHT arm support your weight. Extend your RIGHT leg to the LEFT front of your LEFT leg.
  2. Extend your LEFT leg behind you (slightly to the left).
  3. Put your LEFT arm back on the ground. Bring your RIGHT leg behind you (slightly to the right). You body position should now resemble that of a lazy and weak push-up.
  4. Raise your RIGHT arm off the ground. Bring your LEFT leg (slightly bent) in front of your RIGHT leg.
  5. Bring your RIGHT leg closer behind your LEFT leg (into the squatting postion).
  6. Put your RIGHT arm back on the ground. Bring your LEFT leg back to the original squatting position. Now you are back at the beginning. Go to Step (1) and repeat.
In practicing this move, it is best to start very slowly to get the footwork down solid. Once confident in the footwork, speed can increase, or the Six-Step can be practiced clockwise (reversing LEFT and RIGHT in the steps above). After the element in both directions is mastered, switching between clockwise and counter-clockwise every few steps personalizes this move for a beginner b-girl or b-boy.

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