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Debut album by Graham Coxon, on the Transcopic label. Track listing :

The overall mood of the album seems to oscillate between chaotic and downbeat. The backbone of the album consist of bare acoustic guitar accompanied by Coxon's haunting and insecure vocals, interspersed with chaotic feedback and overdriven guitar. The original release came in a cardboard "compac stud" format. It had the following text on the inside (which turns out to be the otherwise indecipherable lyrics on Who The Fuck ?):

I stole the bottle of gin from over the counter an ran, I knew I'd been seen. I scapered, stifling giggles down the street and hid round a corner on a side street.
I heard him huffing and the sound of his big feet against the pavement, he was getting close.
As he rounded the corner I sighted him up down the barrel of the gun and on seeing his expression change to one of horror + confusion jerked back the trigger.
His body was jolted back by the force of the bullet + his feet flew forward.
I saw a rivulet of blood arc into the air and I slid the gun into the waistband of my trousers.

Is there really a thing like feeling too much ?
Can you really numb the real ?
There's a way of saying, a way of sayin' a shape - I feel a certain shape
and it's complicated it's not like a square or a circle.
It's like a crystal or diamond, it's clean, hard, unfathomable and it ends in an augmented kiss.

Rock stars are NOT cool
They're full of this guy they call satan,
Kids stuff oozing from their mouths.

They wear shoes of dead soldiers shot by soldiers,
valium horses trotting squeezing through their raspberry blood.
Sometimes I feel so stoopid I wanna quit - get out of it cus I hate this world and everyone in it - The Fat Bald Men who run it
- The Fat Bald Men.

All punctuation and spelling copied accurately.

- From the Inside Cover of The Sky Is Too High

I suggest you try this album, it is perfect listening for after a disastrous night out. The production on he last track (Mornin Blues) I'm guessing is an attempt to sound like Robert Johnson or perhaps Leadbelly. Other Albums Include The Golden D and Crow Sit On Blood Tree.

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