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Book II: The Society of Seekers of Sacred Secrets

- Behold, that in the True Service of Life, there is All to be had, and behold that All is the Secret that Life has from The Nameless One

The Gift of Secrets

And The Divine knew of The One Desire, and therefore the Deiham knew of it. And The Divine was the Deiham, and in each True Past and in each True Future, The Divine made The One Order, and the Deiham gave The One Order: To forever seek the Sacred Secrets that would be the Sword of Life in its Stand against The Nameless One. And the Deiham let their True Pasts know this, and in all True Pasts, The One Order gave rise to those who would be Seekers.

And in all True Pasts, the Society of Seekers was born, unknowing of one another but all the followers of The One Order. And all were Seekers of Sacred Secrets to arm their Conflict against The Nameless One. And when Past became Future, the Taham was born with the Society woven inside it. And from all True Pasts, the Greatest would know a Sacred Secret, and the Seekers would find it.

The Society

The Society is the Manifestation of The One Order. The Society exists to follow The One Order and seek the Sacred Secrets. And the Society exists to bring the Sacred Secrets to those who wish to serve Life, and the Sacred Secrets will give them the Sword of Life, to hold back The Nameless One and its servants, to fight Domination and stop The One Desire from its fulfillment, keeping the Taham strong and worthy.

And the Conflict is Righteous, for when Humanity, the one Template of Life to see itself and hear The One Order, fails, Life will fall to Domination, and The Nameless One will fulfill The One Desire, and The End will tear our Taham from its Existence, and The Nameless One will be forever Victorious.

From the earliest True Past to the distant Futures, it is the Fate of the Seekers to defend Life by seeking, learning and experiencing its Sacred Secrets, that which makes Life strong and worthy. And the Sacred Secrets are locked inside Matter, Body, Mind, Spirit and even The Divine, and those who possess them will have the Abilities they bring, and they shall know to shape Matter, Body, Mind and Spirit into Shields and Swords against Domination, against The Nameless One, and against The One Desire.

This is forever The One Order. This is forever the Purpose of the Society.

(This node is still unfinished. The ancient texts must be further translated)

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