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Brooklyn, New York based rap/rock group. TSOU is made up of:

  • Tomato 11 -- Drums and Vocals
  • The Reverend B. Ill -- Lead Guitar
  • Scotty Choc -- Rhythm Guitar
  • Cash/Money/Love -- Bass
  • The Reverend Richard Rickles -- Master of Ceremonies

TSOU was just signed with RCA. An album will be out some time in the middle of 2000. You can find there music on mp3.com, as well as www.stevenrecs.com, which also contains their homepage.

Led by eclectic frontman/drummer Tomato 11 TSOU brings the live sound of Bad Brains and NSYNC (just kidding) together with a white guy who can actually rap. Personally, I think their live sound has gotten a little too metally since the departure of DJ Barbie Smooth, but I still love the music.

Update 12-12-2000 Since I wrote this I've seen two Urchin shows and become a huge fan. The self titled EP is in stores now. When The Sound of Urchin comes to your town, do yourself a favor and go see them. They rock. Tell them mcSey sent you when you meet them.

Last weekend I drove to South Bend, Indiana to see them. I sent Tomato an email telling him I would be driving 5 hours to see them, and that I had met him at the Champaign, Illinois show. During their set (opening for SR-71), he started Space Station on 4,5, and 6 with, "This is called Space Station on the 4, 5, and 6, and it's dedicated to fucking mcSey for driving 5 hours to see the Sound of Urchin."


Update 10/09/01 -- On 10/05/01 I went to the Riveria theatre in Chicago, Illinois and watched TSOU open for Tenacious D. After the show, I hooked up with B-Ill, Tomato, and Doo Doo for a little back stage party. I'm standing around drinking beer and talking to one of Urchin's roadies when I look over and think, "Hey that's Jack Black. I should talk to him". So I did.
My one year anniversary of my second show is coming up. So I'll be flying to New Hope, PA to see the guys headline a small show there. That'll be cool, seeing them for 4 hours as a headliner rather than 45 minutes as an opener. (And yes they play 3 to 4 hour sets when they headline).

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