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The Space Farmers are a rock and roll trio formed in 2000. The members of the group include David A. Wagner (my father) on rhythm and lead guitar, David C. Wagner (me) on bass guitar, and Tim Kent on drums. The group hails from Fenwick, MI, and is currently doing mostly bar gigs and outside parties. The Space Farmers write and preform over thirty original songs. They recently got their first album, (Plowed), copy-written. They have created a unique sound that stems from classic rock, southern rock, and jazz music. Their music is edgy and powerful, with killer lead guitar riffs and thumping bass lines. The Space Farmers are a band on the rise, they will be playing the Hard Rock Café in Cleveland, OH sometime this fall.

Discography: Plowed

  1. There goes the neighborhood
  2. Whatever happens
  3. Hobo Love
  4. Everybody knows
  5. Fryday
  6. Green
  7. We're all human
  8. Still on my mind
  9. Love is
  10. Sarah Jane's Blues
  11. Ain't in no hurry
  12. Way it goes
  13. Waiting and wondering
  14. Workin'
  15. Wasted my life

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