The Time-Space Continuum Is NO Toy!

Well I found this out when me and my friend (you all know him as Eraser_) were talking about the old ‘what if’ thing. Ya know, what if the sun collapsed into a black hole small enough to be captured and used as an infinite power source, what really does happen when you strap buttered toast to the back of a cat (I have my theories to!), and that were to happen if time travel and worm hole creation were both invented. I say both because there are some really some strange things that could happen.

Well with time travel, the world would never stay on one ‘time stream’. Think about it, there would always be someone in the past that would modify the future, which would go on an infinite loop. Always changing, but that also brings up an excellent point, if time travel is invented, wouldn’t that mean, that as I write this node, there is people from the future here, now? I don’t have all the answers (but my friend Johnny has all the answers carved on to the side of the women’s restroom stall #3), because if I did, I would have the Nobel Prize for physics, and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this.

Aw, yes, I forgot about the ‘worm hole’ production, huh? Well I was thinking of that and, well, does everyone know what a worm hole is?

Looks around….. sees a hand.

Ok, well, a wormhole is a place in space that is connected with another place in space, maybe 2 feet away, or even millions of light-years! Ok, well, if time travel and wormholes were both invented, the universe would disappear! Infinite points, all connected, in my book means, *POOF*. I know that my logic is extremely hard to understand, but this what I believe to be true.

And one more 'thinker' thought: What if the points were connected through time? (Ponder that for a bit!)

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