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Squirrel Bait was a rock band in the late 80s that released a couple albums in the late and pretty much fizzled out, however its members went on to form some very influential bands in the indie rock scene. David Grubbs went on to work with John McEntire in the group Bastro, which was similar in style to Squirrel Bait. After Bastro split, David Grubbs went on to work with Jim O'Rourke in Gastr Del Sol. Gastr Del Sol broke up this last year and its members are currently creating solo projects. Other Squirrel Bait members such as Brian McMahan, Ethan Buckler and Britt Walford went on to play in the seminal rock group, Slint. They were joined by Dave Pajo.

Slint released two albums and then broke up in the early 90s. Brian McMahan went on to form the group The For Carnation, with Dave Pajo, John Herndon, Doug McCombs, and Grant Barger. The For Carnation still exist and have just released a new album. Dave Pajo has been involved in many projects including Palace, Royal Trux, King Kong, Tortoise, and his own group Papa M.

After Bastro split, John McEntire worked with David Grubbs again on the first Gastr Del Sol album, The Serpentine Similar, before moving on to form Tortoise with Dan Bitney, Bundy K. Brown, John Herndon, Doug McCombs and Dave Pajo (the last three worked in The For Carnation as well). Tortoise is still around while it's members have been slowly rotating. John McEntire has also worked with the The Sea and Cake and records many independent releases at his recording studio, Soma, in Chicago.

Dan Bitney and John Herndon formed the group 5ive Style, which released a new album last year. Doug McCombs has also worked with Isotope 217, Directions in Music, and his own band, Brokeback.

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