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The name of a band formed by former Amherst College students Jonatha Brooke and Jennifer Kimball (a.k.a. the duo "Jonatha and Jennifer").

The Story was formed in 1981, and remained together for twelve years, releasing two albums in the early 90's. Grace in Gravity was first picked up by a small label, Green Linnet Records in 1991, before the group was signed by Electra, which re-released the album in 1992. They followed with Angel in the House in 1993. Kimball left the group the following year, and Electra dumped The Story.

In 1995, Blue Thumb Records picked up Brooke and released Plumb under the name "Jonatha Brooke and The Story" (they wouldn't allow her to use only her name). Ingrid Graudins was the replacement for Kimball's harmonies, and Bruce Cockburn appeared as a guest vocalist in a duet with Brooke. Although The Story dissolved, some of its members continued to backup Brooke in her continuing efforts, including Duke Levine on guitar, Michael Rivard on bass, and Allain Mallet on keyboards. Mallet, Brooke's husband, co-produced the first two Story albums, solo produced Plumb, and co-wrote several songs with Brooke. Brooke made her true solo debut in 1997, with Ten Cent Wings, and subsequently created her own label, Bad Dog Records, releasing two more albums to date ... but that's another story.

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