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Lying liars. How could that bitch have done this to me? That Marlene bitch. What kind of person would do that to someone? No kind of person. Inhuman. Demon spawn. I would never do that to anyone, probably not even her. Where does she get off sending me here? I haven’t done anything to anyone.

There was that postman. Evil wretched postman. I soon showed him. The way he prowled around. He wanted to rape me. Every day. At the same time. I wake up every morning at 8. He knows that. Twelve minutes for breakfast, twenty minutes in the shower, five minutes to get dressed. He thought I didn’t see him. Every day he would walk by at 8:33. He loved to see me naked through the window. I closed the blinds but he still stared. Some days I would get up early, just so I could see the surprise on his face when glared down at him through my bedroom window.

“Miss?” he asked after ringing at the door. Four times. That’s how I knew, he wasn’t a real postman. The postman always rings twice. It’s a fact. Everyone knows that. Except for that sad sack of shit. I came to the door feeling quite confident, my pepper spray gripped behind my back.

“What the fuck do you want?” I knew I had the shotgun loaded in the bathroom if he tried anything funny. This would be the last day he would fuck with me.

“I’m sorry. Is this a bad time?” I could feel the lust radiate from him.

“No! Let’s get this over with now. I already asked you ‘What the fuck do you want?’, pervert.”

He smiled thinking he had his opening. “I… I have a package for you… from a… Marlene Dorschinger.” I knew what package he had in mind for me.

I pushed him to the ground and spat in his face. “Liar! Where did you hear that name? I know why you’re really here.” He wiped the spit from his face and left without another word. I yelled “Now you know what you’re messing with!”

He must have snuck back later, because I found the package on the doorstep. I took it out back into the woods and shot it. Made a nice mess. I left it for him the next day. He left it on the porch but he knew what it meant.

It was a few weeks before he tried again. I answered through the door. He said he had some certified mail for me from Marlene. That bitch wouldn’t send me anything. He won’t ever forget that day. He fucked up bad this time.

I shot him straight in the face. Red. I remember the color. It felt good. Screaming. Crying. Pleading. Before the pepper spray had worn off I took the chance to kick him right in his perverted testicles. I kicked him a couple times in the ribs before he ran off.

The police came. Apparently rape is condoned nowadays. Fighting off a rapist is a crime.

Marlene was there, at the hearing. So was that pervert. I yelled at him telling him to stay away from me. Marlene told them all about how much trouble it was “raising” me. Told them I was insane. Told them that I had become “increasingly unstable” in recent years.

So now I’m insane. How could they have done this to me?. Those liars. Lying liars. That bitch Marlene.

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