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Is an epic in anapaestic couplets by W. Morris, founded on the Volsunga Saga, and published in 1876. Although a loose rendering, it did much to awaken popular interest in Icelandic literature. Morris described its subject as 'the Great Story of the North which should be to all our race what the Tale of Troy was to the Greeks'.

It is in four books; the first, 'Sigmund', is the story of Volsung's son Sigmund and of the fatal marriage of his sister Signy to the king of the Goths; the second and third, 'Regin' and 'Brynhild', deal with Sigmund's son Sigurd, his betrothal to Brynhild, his subsequent marriage to Gudrun, the Niblung king's daughter, and the deaths of Sigurd and Brynhild; the last, 'Gudrun', tells of Gudrun's own death and the fall of the Niblungs.

An exerpt of this poem can be found at http://www.library.utoronto.ca/utel/rp/poems/morris7.html; which is hosted at the University of Toronto.

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