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The Subliminal Kid is one of my writers at The BlackRage Organization. We're not sure if he's more crazy or brilliant, but we've got him and we're proud of him. Here was his first offering to the site a long time ago.

This does a much better job of defining him than I could.

Fade In:

Exterior day:

Fish flopping in sand, SURF is heard, shot held tight as fish dies slowly for one minute

Pull back: fish in desert on side of the hwy while traffic whooshes by.

Interior car: Man puts tape cassette in radio. Mans face is never revealed. (v.o.) "Congratulations on choosing to be informed on the proper procedures to disposing of a dead body in your trunk. First you must prepare for----- '" Through windshield oncoming motorcycle with sidecar approaches.

Interior sidecar: Motorcyclist reaches for a 40-oz of beer picks it up and is swilling it. Mans mouth finishing last of beer as he moves faster down the road. Convertible approaches behind as motorcyclist BURPS, throws bottle up in air behind him. Close up of bottle spinning wildly against blue desert sky.

Interior convertible: man is drinking a can of beer. He sees bottle spinning his way over windshield; he swerves as bottle strikes him, he loses control of the car. It flips onto side of road. Man is dying as everything slowly blackens.


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