Australian alternative rock band, harking from Adelaide.

Coming together in 1994, lead vocalist Sarah Mcleod hooked up with her guitar teacher Chris Tennent, to form the band initially know as Hell's Kitchen.
Immediately Tennent thought of Stuart Rudd to do Bass and after an audition process they decided on Paul Berryman for drums.
Tennent planed to leave the band from the start and was eventually replaced by Tim Henwood.


  Sumo (1998)
  Jet Age (2000)
  Rock Music (2003)

Band Members:

  Vox & Guitars                    Sarah Mcleod
  (former) Guitars & Vox    Chris Tennent
  Guitars & Vox                    Tim Henwood
  Bass                                  Stuart Rudd
  Drums                               Paul Berryman


  Eighth Step Rail

  Shut My Eyes
  Down Again
  Now and Then

  Enough to Know
  Secret Agent Man
  Second Sun

  Stick Together
  Over and Out
  So Lonely

The bands first album, was later re-released, with extra tracks, as Sumo II (1998).

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 Static -

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