The Talisman Restaurant is a restaurant on 2nd Avenue in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

This restaurant is, according to themselves, famous for their best poutine in town. Having the best poutine in town, might however not be such a great challlenge, considering that it is probably the only poutine-serving restaurant in the Yukon.

Their poutine is indeed very good, in fact the best in town. A vegetarian might however find certain difficulties here. If he/she asks the waitress not to put turkey gravy or to put it just on the side, in order to be able to eat non-contaminated Freedom Fries, the waitress will kindly inform the vegetarian that it is probably not possible. If the customers question this, the most common answer is "She's a bitch", twisting her neck to signify that the cook, standing behind her in the other end of the room, is the bitch.

If one still decides to order the poutine, neglecting ones vegetarian company, he/she will be presented with a big plate of the best poutine in town. The cook herself will also attend to her guests, and explain why she can not remove/dislocate the gravy.

The primary reason is, of course, that she is a bitch. This is however not her responsibility to inform the guests about. Instead, she deals with the secondary reason. As she says, she could neglect the gravyziation of the poutine, but she won't, as this would in a long timespam seriously damage the integrity of the dish. This is however justified, as the vegetarian and his/her friends/friend (or if he/she/it happens to be alone) only are customers, who pay for getting food served to their liking.

Another feature of the Talisman Restaurant is the smoking section. There are four designated tables for smoking. This indicates that smoking is approved there. However, if a guest happens to smoke Colts Mild, the cook will "kindly" ask the guest not to smoke, as she can not stand the Colts. The reasons for this are, first, she is a bitch, and second, they smell.

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