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If you have not smoked much Narghila before I recommend reading the write ups on packing the perfect narghila head and building the perfect narghila first.

For those of you who, like me are seasoned narghila smokers like myself you might be thinking to yourself this is good but could it be better??? And the answer I think is yes. There are ways to make the smoke thicker and smoother.

Firstly the column. You can buy narghilot with columns that screw together. The main reason for this is because if you can unscrew it then it is much easier to travel with. But if you and a couple of you mates have a few unscrewable narghilot then what you do is screw the columns together to make a ‘mega-column’ this means that the smoke travels down a longer pipe before it gets to the bowl which means it is smoother and so nicer to smoke.

The other brilliant thing you can do to improve your narghila smoking experience is to add a second narghila. To do this you will need to have a second narghila and a second pipe you can borrow these of one of you friends narghilot that you have used to make the mega-column’ (if you do this simply screw the head onto the bowl without a coulmn or you can use a less tall 'mega-column'' its your preference) or if you are not using a ‘mega-column’ you can borrow it of a mate anyway. But slightly more unusual you will need a de-doo-dah (we call them that because no-one knows what they are really called it is the bit sticking out of the base of the column to attach the pipe to). What you do is you set up a second narghila like you normally would (if you use a different flavour you get a really nice mix) then you unscrew the valve for blowing bad smoke out of and screw the de-doo-dah on where the valve was (be careful not to let the ball bearing get away because if you do you will never see it again). Then you take one of your two pipes attach one end to the first narghila and the second to the either of the de-doo-dahs on the second bowl and then put the other pipe into the other one and put on an appropriate number of coals depending on how many bowls there are on your heads. And enjoy

If done well this will be one of the high points of you narghila smoking life. enjoy!!!

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