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Three Unrestricted Guests of the Arthur's Court, and Three Wanderers:
  • Llywarch Hen,
  • and Llemenig,
  • and Heledd.

Llywarch Hen--"Llywarch the Old"--is the reputed author of a number of laments in the Red Book of Hergest and Black Book of Carmarthen. He is sometimes called the British Jeremiah, for the plaintive songs about old age and his slaughtered sons. He is said to have been a prince or king, to have lived to a hundred, and to have possibly killed Urien of Rheged.

Llemenig is possibly Llwch Leminawg, a figure from "Culhwch ac Olwen" in the Mabinogion and from "Prieddu Annwn" from the Book of Taliesin. His name may be derived from the Irish god Lugh; he is also referred to as an Irishman. Moreover, some have theorized that he is a forerunner of Lancelot; if so, the term "unrestricted" would certainly be an interesting one.

Heledd is thought to have been a princess, sister of Cynddelw, a prince and war-leader slain by the Saxons. The laments attributed to her are recorded in the Black Book of Carmarthen, IIRC.

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