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World of Hommlet
World of Macilnya

Ostensibly a psionic academy located in Enstad, The Tower of Far Sight supports itself through meddling in the affairs of mortals.

Originally simply a tower with a small number of academics, the Tower has grown in size and number, now occupying a number of adjacent buildings to the main tower. These buildings are designed to provide a highly defensible outer perimeter. The main tower itself has five sublevels; the students at the academy are unaware of the existence of more than one (the "basement" storage cellars).

The Tower is organized into four functional groups; the Council, the Guard, the Academy, and the Hand.

The Council
The Council is the group of senior psions of the Academy. Much like a British Cabinet, each of its members is responsible for a different aspect of the Tower's functions. The head of the council is ostentatiously called "The Eye," and the other principle members are the Headmaster of the Academy, the Captain of the Guard, and the Ambassador (the head of the Hand). The archivist and the steward of the Tower also sit on the Council.
The Eye is a 6th level seer/10th level metamind.
The Guard
Responsible for defense of the tower, the guard is organized under three lieutenants. The Captain is a 5th level fighter/5th level psychic warrior.
The largest company is the main guard, which contains 20 "normals", a mix of warriors and fighters. First Company is responsible for the majority of the grunt work falling to the Guard. The pay is high enough, however, the grumbling is fairly low-key. The Lieutenant of First Company is a 7th-level fighter.
Second Company is also the training force for psychic warriors and the physical cadre for the Academy. It usually contains about twelve psychic warriors and multi-class psions. During battle, this oversized platoon serves as a stiffening force for First Company.
Third Company is sometimes called Shadow Company. Its members are the more combat-oriented agents of the Hand, when they are based at the Tower. Its membership is continuously rotating as agents depart on missions.
The Academy
The public reason for the existence of the Tower, the Academy trains psions. At any time, there are approximately 20 instructors (including agents of the Hand) and 80 students. Tuition in the Academy is 100 platinum pieces per year, or incurring a year of satisfacory service (many students find that a five year commitment turns into ten years through no fault of their own). Approximately 80% of the students and faculty are seers, 15% are telepaths, and the remaining 5% a mishmash of other disciplines. The headmaster of the Academy is a seer/metamind.
The Hand
The unacknowledged power behind the throne in Enstad, The Hand acts to maintain power for the Tower. Its agents frequently accompany delegations from Enstad, ensuring that trade and diplomatic negotiations prove fruitful. There are approximately 15 active agents of the Hand. The Ambassador is a telepath 6 / metamind 2 / soulknife 4.

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