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You are standing there on the dance floor, waiting.

The DJ is searching for the right groove to settle into, a bland beat nonchalantly pulsing through the sound system. You bounce slightly on the balls of your feet, anticipating the coming righteous beat that you know the DJ will throw out at you.

And then he finds it.

The pounding stacatto beat hits you square in the chest, and your chest and ribcage start to throb. Soon, your body starts to ever-so-subtlely move to the primal thrumming. For a few moments, that basic beat washes over you, pulling you into the moment.

And then he layers on another beat.

The feeling of adrenaline that was focused in your torso now moves down to the extremeties of your toes and out to the extremeties of your fingers -- the DJ has you now completely. Your whole body is absorbed into the beats, and you simply go along with it.

And then he layers on a melody over the beats.

Your whole being -- not simply your body, but also your mind and spirit -- are now in tune with the mix that the DJ is offering. The music becomes a veritable white noise; it is only that primal, rumbling beat that you are attuned to.

The mix starts to build in intensity and volume. You are no longer even consciously thinking about the movements of your physical being: your hands, your feet, your body, all are in motion as though out of your control. You dance your way into a frenetic state, as the surroundings melt away, the "white noise" music fades out, you forget your very existence, even that primal beat itself becomes nonexistant.

You transcend the moment.

The ancient revels of the Sect of Bacchus and the contemporary televangelic God-be-praised marathons can't hold a candle to this experience.

Eventually, the DJ brings the "song" to its climax, in an explosion of sound and beat in one glorious rush -- and you return to the moment.

It is then that you notice that your hair is damp from persperation...sweat is pouring down your body...muscles in your legs are protesting the treatment you have just subjected them to. But that's hardly important.

Because you are standing there on the dance floor, waiting.

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