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The Twits are a comedy Punk band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia made up of Fred Negro (vocals, horsey guitar,masturbation), Rob Steel (vocals), Les Russell (guitar,vocals) and Lush Aston (bass,vocals, cross eyes).

They are heavily into novelty songs and have gained some radio airplay for their song What the Fuck Are You Wearin?. This band is mostly geared towards performing as they have their comedy routines all worked out and at least one band member manages to injured themselves during their performances (usually while blind drunk). They have been banned from at least one pub in Melbourne in the wake of their famous Father's Day performance at the karaoke.


Albert Road
13 track CD
Fred Negro hadn't joined the band when they did this CD
1. Poshy
2. Uncle Les
3. She's A Bloke
4. Checking out the Crown
5. You want me to belong to you
7. Pervy in the Park
8. Sausage
9. Ever fallen in love
10. Chelsea Heights Girl
11. Hold Me Close
12. Sharon
13. Another Shit Saturday Night

Play Music*
*The Twits may not necessarily play music
2. PORN (Song for Natalie)
3. What the Fuck Are You Wearin?
4. POO
5. Wankin in a Public Lavatory
6. No Sauce on My Pie
7. Another Shit Saturday Night
8. Bucket Fanny
9. I Feel Like a Dick
10. Sausage
11. Get Fucked Cunt!
12. Violet Crumble
13. Wank 500 (live)
14. Pervy in the Park (live)
15. She's a Bloke (live)
Live tracks from interview on RRR FM
Disco Remix of Sausage

Official band site:

My fan site for them:

It may seem a bit rough calling my site that, but they do piss me off sometimes. Like when I was taking photos of them and they kept throwing beer at me (they were really pissed that night) my camera still has beer in it!

Despite this, I have been going to see them since 2001 and I am not going to stop seeing them any time soon.

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