The Two Dollar Rare Book Store is the most amazing used book store I have ever seen. It is located at 6820 Euclid Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio.

The name of the store is only slightly misleading. About two thirds of the books are $2 or less. Hardcovers are $2, paperbacks are 75 cents. The rest of the books are more expensive, ranging from $3 up to $100, but for the most part, they are still a bargain at the price.

How is this all possible? The store is in a lousy neighborhood, there is no heat, there are problems with the electricity working during most storms of any sort, and the condition of the books often leaves something to be desired. But hey, why pay $100 for a nice copy of a book if you can get one that will stay together long enough to read it for $2?

I have spent much money and time at this bookstore. And I have left it with gorgeous fine bindings, classics, extremely rare scholarly works, nice art monographs, and all sorts of other wonderful things.

And this winter, the store will even be heated!

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