I'll be brief, shall i? First of all, i should declare a vested interest - my father farms beef cattle on just over one hundred acres of land in Wiltshire, England. My best friend has 300 head of dairy cattle and 100 shearing sheep on 550 acres about 2 miles away from my dad's place.

Fondue states that farmers have lost all credibility through "their spectacularly greedy, corrupt, amoral, and reckless actions". He then goes on to cite a list of those alleged actions. Rather than answer pointless accusations with yet more rhetoric, i think it makes more sense to simply answer the points and then sum up later.

So, to sum up, don't write this shit until you have at least some minute iota of an inkling of what you're talking about. Farmers get a lot of this kind of thoughtless abuse from ignorant urban-dwelling imbeciles who lack nothing except someone different from themselves to excoriate and are too scared to pick on an ethnic minority like their grandfathers would have. Try and get over your prejudices before you node.

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