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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 12: The Ultimate Robot Warrior
Original U.S. air date: September 21, 2001
Written by: Richard Epcar

As Megatron continues to probe Dr. Onishi's unconscious mind, he discovers something about a "cave of the dragon" which might be a valuable weapon. At the same time, while attempting to pick up television broadcasts on the Predacon base's video screens, Gas Skunk sees a television broadcast about special effects work being done to animate a stone dragon in a statue-filled cave. Not realizing it's not real, he reports the existence of a new and powerful Transformer under the humans' control. As the Predacons are found messing with statues around the country, the Autobots investigate and finally figure out what they're after.

To stop them before they hurt somebody, the Autobots arrange for the use of the cave Gas Skunk saw on the broadcast, which is also describe on the microchip found in the Piuma ruins. While Rapid Run and Railspike hide inside a dragon costume, Optimus Prime and Midnight Express hide inside the large statue it "transforms" into and the remaining Autobots provide movie smoke and pretend to be frightened. Eventually the Predacons are frightened off and the movie set is safe. Before they leave, one statue moves and a small metallic device falls out of its forehead, which Optimus Prime only identifies as something he hasn't seen since "the golden days of Cybertron."

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Megatron has finally gained direct access to Dr. Onishi's mind (his first attempt in "Secret Weapon: D-5" was a spectacular failure), although accurate interpretation of what he finds there is still beyond his technology.

However, once Optimus Prime discovers the item Dr. Onishi was hiding there, the Autobots are now a little closer to finding out what the Predacons are ultimately after. It's in the next episode that it's first called an "o-part" and we understand that, although he doesn't know it yet, the rest of these o-parts are exactly what Megatron is searching for.

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