An interesting read which brings up many legitimate observations and points which are all sadly eclipsed by the fact that their author couldn't get them widely read without resorting to a form of murderous extortion.

University professors across the USA analysed his writing to see if they could identify the style as belonging to any of their former students or colleagues... but unfortunately they only examined the style, not the content.

An index to Unabomber's Manifesto.

The Psychology of Modern Leftism
Feelings of Inferiority
The Power Process
Surrogate Activities
Sources of Social Problems
Disruption of the Power Process in Modern Society
How Some People Adjust
The Motives of Scientists
The Nature of Freedom
Some Principles of History
Industrial-Technological Society Cannot Be Reformed
Restriction of Freedom is Unavoidable in Industrial Society
The 'Bad' Parts of Technology Cannot Be Separated from the 'Good' Parts
Technology is a More Powerful Social Force Than the Aspiration for Freedom
Simpler Social Problems Have Proved Intractable
Revolution is Easier Than Reform
Control of Human Behavior
Human Race at a Crossroads
Human Suffering
The Future
Two Kinds of Technology
The Danger of Leftism
Final Note


Copyright © Theodore Kaczynski, text released to public domain in 1995.

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