A lot of people think humans can't survive without eating meat because they will be missing out on proteins or other nutrients. All the nutrients you find in meat can be found in other sources, you just have to do your research. When you do a search on "vegetarian" or "vegan" here, you'll see people calling people who don't eat meat "fuckers" and what not for some reason not explained. I don't have anything against eating meat, or people who choose not to eat it. But studies have shown vegetarians with good eating habits have lower risks for acquiring diseases later in life, most commonly heart disease and forms of cancer.

Some people get a false sense of where humans actually stand in the food chain. Of course we are at the top with our technology. But just think, if you were out in the wild without technology, you'd be screwed. Most likely you'd be eaten by a bigger and stronger animal, or die from exposure to the elements. If you were to survive without aid of technology, I doubt you'd be eating meat, except maybe insects which you can catch easily. You'd look for berries, or some kind of fruit, and if none of those were around, maybe certain kinds of grasses or leaves, and you could probably live on that. But now back to reality...

Most of the destruction and extinction of plant and animal life on this planet is caused by humans producing meat products. Such as in South America, where the rain forests are destroyed at a devastating rate for ranchers to raise livestock on the land. After a couple of years, the livestock have made the soil depleted of any nutrients so no more plants can grow, so they move on to another section, ruining that area too. In other parts of the world, livestock cause soil erosion on hills and mountain sides. In the sea, fisherman's nets catch unwanted animals such as dolphins, who die of suffocation. And still whales are hunted, even though we learned the devastating effects of that early in the 20th century.

Those are just some of the reasons why some people choose to eat diets which contain no meat. This node is especially for those who wonder why people become vegetarians or vegans. Its the person's choice to eat meat or not, either way is good, but being a vegetarian seems to have more benefits for the good of everyone.

First, I must say, we DO have technology. That makes us superior. I just wanted to point out that logical fallacy first.

Anyhow, what is it about an animal that gives it any more right to live than a plant? Sentience? Plants may not have a nervous system, or a brain, but they do respond to external stimuli. Some of the smaller groups of animals we eat lack brains, too, I'm sure (though I can't think of one at the moment), and even those that have brains have poor intelligence (unless you're eating dolphins or monkeys or something).

What else separates the two? Locomotion? If anything, that means that we should eat animals and not plants. Animals can get away. They have their fighting chance. Plants are stuck there. What are they gonna do, photosynthesize you to death!? Oh no, they're brandishing their nodes!

We need to obtain organic nutrients to survive. Plants and animals are both lower life forms than humans, because we know how to form communities, how to develop technology, and how to exhibit altruism. We are superior- otherwise we'd be the ones getting eaten. Something may need to be done about the environment, but you think the solution to stopping deforestation is through vegetarianism!? Something about that logic seems a tiny bit flawed.

Maybe it's just me, though. I have to say, that rare cow meat sure does look appetizing.

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