This is a w/u by the imp/buddha, age 5. I, grundoon, am merely her humble typist.

Once upon a time there was a very colorful rainbow cat. He was an orphan. He was a very nice cat. He was feeling lonely because he was in a very lonely city.

He was the only one there. He and his family were separated because his daddy and mommy were on a boat ride and there was a very bad windstorm with very big waves and their boat flipped over and they sunk. One day this very colorful cat decided to go for a snorkeling trip to find his mommy and daddy. So then, he put a snorkel on and a swimming suit and flippers on his feet and he walked and walked to the shore and he got up on the diving board and swam deeper and deeper. He found them and his whole family played together for the whole entire day. Then that city was not lonely ever ever again.

So then they went to bed without even saying goodnight because they were so tired of their big day.

n.b. pipelinks are mine, everything else is verbatim Tessie.

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