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The first record by Twelve Hour Turn released in 1999 by No Idea Records.

An excellent recording with a few intentional rough edges in the production which keeps the rawness of the songs intact. For some reason, this was mastered really loud so I end up doing the 2am rush to knock the volume down whenever I put this on.

As is usual with anything on No Idea Records, the packaging is really well done. Two paintings by Sean Mahan grace the cover and back cover both which involve human/bird interaction which keeps with the theme of the title. The tray insert of the CD version has a nifty scratchboard rendition of paper airplanes. What I really appreciate is keeping a theme without being too cheesy. It's an easy mistake to make when deciding on artwork and design.

The Songs

  1. New Snake
  2. How To Build
  3. Second Story
  4. I Get Lively...
  5. Ghost Kitty
  6. New Rock
  7. For Want of a Real Whole
  8. A Mouth of Suitable Size
  9. ...To Bury the Ugly
  10. Little One
  11. This Papermill is Getting to Me

Band contact: 3057 Kline Road, Jacksonville, FL 32246
No Idea Records: P.O Box 14636, Gainesville, FL

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