A series of fantasy novels by Janny Wurts. The Wars of Light and Shadow is the story of two half brothers, one with the gift of Light and the other with the gift of Shadow, who must overcome incredible odds to overthrow Desh-Thiere. An epic fantasy that spans years of time within the books, but for these two time is not against them. Given an longevity extension from Davien's Five Centuries Fountain the brothers have plenty of time to fight aganst the geas placed upon them to kill each other.

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A note on the Glossary:

I will not be reproducing the entries in the books and I ask that you do not either. I have asked the permission of Ms Wurts to do so and was denied since it "would violate the copyright held by my publisher." I find it sad the she does not retain the copyright on her own work, but that is fodder for another discussion. Also please realise that this is probally not complete. The series is not over, and I don't own all the books yet anyway :).

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