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The Watchmen are an alternative Canadian rock band, hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Watchmen are a four piece band, and consist of singer Danny Greaves, guitarist Joey Serlin, bassist Ken Tizzard and drummer Sammy Kohn.

Their albums, to date, are:

  1. McLaren Furnace Room (1992)
  2. In the Trees (1994)
  3. Beach Songs (live EP, 1995, for fan club members only)
  4. Brand New Day (1996)
  5. Silent Radar (1998)

Seeing the Watchmen live is a nearly transcendental experience, at least for a true fan like myself. They're one of the few bands for whom the live show surpasses the album, due mainly to Danny's stage presence and outstanding voice. He is the kind of singer who, during nearly ever song, sends shivers up your spine.

The last time that I saw them live was in Montreal, at the very end of their tour with Big Wreck. As he always does, during the last show of a tour, Danny sang an acappella piece, originally written to honour the memories of those that died in the World Wars. For the life of me, I can't remember its name, but I do recall that I nearly broke down in tears, hearing his mournful voice, almost pleading for acceptance and forgiveness.

I believe that one of the reasons that their music touches so many so profoundly is that they play close to the bone. Their music is clear and uncomplicated, and their songs touch upon real, painful and sometimes joyous experiences that we have all either had or wished that we had.

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