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A health club in Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA.

It was initially called the Weymouth Tennis Club (because it was just that at the time), but years later the name was lengthened to "The Weymouth Tennis and Athletics Club" to account for their new focus on fitness and sports beyond tennis. The new name was klunky, so it was eventually shortened to "The Weymouth Club."

It has been remodeled and expanded many times since then, and has become quite an amazing place to work out, swim, or play tennis, if you're so inclined.

In the good old days, the WTC hosted a "Fun, Fitness and Arts" day camp for youngsters such as myself. Although the fitness part may not always be thrilling for a geek child, overall it's a really fun experience. As far as I know, the camp still runs every summer, so if you have kids and live in the area it would be well worth checking out.

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