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Jude Law is Steven Grlscz, a very different kind of vampire. He is a predator, a crocodile. A crocodile with a bank account, a social security number, an apartment. We all evolved from reptiles, some people are more in touch with their primal urges than others.

Steven needs blood to survive, more importantly, the chemicals released into the bloodstream during periods of heightened emotional states, especially love. He befriends women, and then feeds off them, and their love for him. Without it he will die. Steven believes when he finds a woman who truly loves him, utterly, then it will all stop. He does find this woman, but what happens when the woman who loves him so dearly is worth more to him than his own life?

This is very different from any other vampire film I have seen, it's hard to even call Steven a vampire. He seems to be like any other human, but without blood, and love, his body starts to break down.
He is an expert seducer, it's compelling to watch his charm work on a suicidal girl he meets (saves?) in the subway. It's also horrible to watch him kill her, it's probably the most violent scene in the film. You can see that he is a creature unlike any other, but somehow, you start to sympathise with him. He manages to work his charm with everyone he meets, even the detective who suspects him of murder (Timothy Spall). He meets the beautiful Anna (Elina Löwensohn), she is special, stronger, and different from the 'others'. Can only one of them survive the relationship?

This is a very beautiful film from Po-Chih Leong, and to be honest, this writeup doesn't do it justice. Definitely a film I reccommend.

The title refers to a quote from Francis Bacon, who wrote about crocodiles, who shed tears when they devour their prey.

Also known in the US as Immortal.

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