Fantasy novel by Rick Cook, fourth in the series beginning with Wizard's Bane. Wiz Zumwalt, mighty programmer-wizard and savior of his sword-and-sorcery World on at least three separate occasions, looks forward to some good old-fashioned boredom. However, a very old and wise dragon has other ideas, enlisting Wiz to solve the problem of relations between dragons and humans in a little town far into the Dragon Lands. Unable to depart due to a geas laid on him by the dragon, Wiz quickly establishes himself as a consultant to the town's Council on dragon-related matters, while setting up an untraceable Internet connection to keep in touch with his wife Moira and his friends Jerry and Danny. This attracts the attention of an idiotic FBI agent in the "real" world, with hilarious results.

Meanwhile, Wiz enlists the aid of one of the locals, Malkin the kleptomaniac thief, to deal with local politics, but is unable to come to any conclusions about the dragon problem. He finally is forced to engage in a one-on-one duel with a dragon, but Malkin manages to send a signal back to the Wizard's Keep, and Wiz's friends join him to defeat the dragon.

The keen observations about consultants in this book rival those of Dilbert, and the geeky references continue to play a major role. Highly recommended, as with the other books in this series.

Source: Rick Cook, The Wizardry Consulted (Baen Books, 1995)

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