I liked this show. Until they did the episode where everyone was stricken with Beatlemania. Namely because the year was 1965, and at the end of the episode they showed Kevin holding a copy of Abbey Road.

Abbey Road was 4 years down the road, morons! Everyone was drooling over Beatles For Sale and Help! and stuff. Abbey Road was their last album! (Though not their last released; Let It Be gets that honor, if you don't count the various Best Of collections and Past Masters and Anthology.)

I was completely disillusioned with that show when the writers, who were alive at the time, couldn't even keep their facts straight about what albums they were infatuated with during what year. Morons.

This show is my life. Except I'm not a boy, and I don't live in the 60s.

This show premiered on January 31, 1988. It lasted for 6 seasons until 1993. It follows the life of Kevin Arnold, played by Fred Savage, beginning in Junior High, and followed him through High School. Danica McKellar played Winnie, Kevin's Object of Affection and Josh Saviano played Paul, Kevin's Best Friend.

They all go through the same teenage sagas: Parents, siblings, relationships, etc. Since it's set in the 60s, it just makes it ten times cooler. Of course, Winnie and Kevin constanly go out, break up, etc, etc, but always end up coming back to each other.
They're so cute.

This is one of those shows that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside-just without the puking.
Plus, it has a cool Theme Song.

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