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If you assign each person in the world to one of two lists ("Dull People" and "Interesting People"), and rank them by dullness or interestingness, you have to come up with the World's Dullest Person. This makes them interesting, though, so someone else gets moved into the World's Dullest Person slot...
This is a variation by Martin Gardner on Edwin Bechenbach's "proof" that every positive integer is "interesting".

A Blather of Paradoxes
Eventually, however, you will have rotated through the entire list, at which point being The World's Dullest Person will no longer be interesting, because it's happened to every dull person.

At such a time, someone will be able to safely maintain the chair.
In fact, you will rotate through the whole list INSTANTLY. As soon as they become the world's dullest person, the person who was next-dullest is now, instantaneously, the world's dullest person.

This even accounts for the birth of new, increasingly dull people. Whoever is the world's most dull person will constantly hold the title, except for an instant during which someone else who had never held the title holds it and then becomes less dull than the world's dullest person.
Actually, it's a similar principle to that of the time travel causation paradox. In it, a time traveller goes back in time to cause or prevent something. If this succeeds, there is no longer any reason for the traveller to go back in time; it has already been accomplished. Thus, the traveller doesn't go back in time, causing the event to switch back to its original state, causing the traveller to go back, causing the event to switch again, ad infinitum.
Similarly, the least interesting person in the world would suddenly become the most interesting, causing (him|her) to no longer be the least interesting, and the second-to-least interesting person becomes the least interesting person.
Now, however, the person is no longer the least interesting so, the lack of interest being the interesting part, (he|she) becomes the least interesting again.
According to my current thinking, the solution to both paradoxes is the same: the world will oscillate between the two states infinitely fast, thus causing, in effect, the two states to become superimposed, distinct states. Hrm. Now that I mention it, quantum mechanics, anyone? :)

Erm, the sign ahead says, "Zebra crossing." Should I be concerned?
Actually, this is incorrect.

The fact that X is the world's dullest person is interesting.

He's still the world's dullest person however: he has become no more interesting to talk to.

You're confusing whether he is boring, with whether the fact that he is boring is interesting.

X is not Steve Davis

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