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The Worst Day of Your Life is book #100 of the widely popular, and now out-of-print series of books called Choose your Own Adventure. Edward Packard wrote this story as well as a number of other interactive stories.

In The Worst Day of Your Life, You take the place of a boy who is being tossed around in life due to uncontrollable adversity piled sky high. Your choices lead you to either peril, or worse peril, hence the name 'worst day'. Eventually the dangerous territory you are thrown into will either make you stronger, or kill you trying to do so. If all goes well, you'll end up a rugged, strong, handsome, boy who becomes the all-star basketball playing hunk in school the following school year. Otherwise, you'll end up minced meat.

A hint: Make the dumb choice. Except in the case of the jaguar cage, They usually turn out to do more good than the alternative intelligent one. Whatever you do, remember, stay away from the drunk acting jaguars. They pack a mean punch.

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