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Born Deborah A. Dyer in Jamaica, 9/3/67.

World's foremost purveyor of explosive Black Feminist Rage or Clit Rock as the frontperson for alterna-rock group Skunk Anansie.

Openly bi-sexual Skin began her singing career in high school. Six years later after her band broke up, she met the other members of S.A by chance in '94 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Skin lists her sheroes as Angela Davis and Maya Angelou. It comes as no surprise then that her lyrics are often infused with sexual and racial politics.

Skin's personal idealogy may not be as well crafted as Zack de la Rocha's but her simmering anger at the abundance of injustice in modern Western society strikes a cord with many of S.A.'s fans.

With her bald head and anti-glamour gal stance, her sex appeal is almost accidental but it gives young women (of all hues) a much needed role model alternative to Britney Spears or Lil' Kim.

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