Were you lucky enough to have one of these?

This was the best. When you are a kid and your Mom or Dad has a younger sibling who is the wild one of the family. They come to visit in a sports car and they wear wild clothes and listen to loud music and smoke and everything . They say stuff in front of your parents about drinking and drugs and never say shhhhhh .

This is the kind of relative that takes you to drive-thru places right after breakfast , and lets you eat in the car without napkins. They take you to PG-13 movies and they give the finger to other drivers who cut them off. Your parents roll their eyes a lot while they are around and will talk in whispers when she goes outside to smoke and talk on their cellphone. (Wild relatives always talk on cellphones, it's a rule).

When the wild Aunt leaves they will buy you something your parents say you don't need and will forget a pack of cigarettes, at least one pair of underwear and some pricey fashion magazines. Your parents will hide all of this from you if you don't run to the guestroom quickly while they are saying their goodbyes.

You have to learn from experience.

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