I never fail to be amazed by this one incredible aspect of human anatomy. We just fit together so perfectly. Whether through evolution or through the actions of some benevolent deity, this ability has been given to us. It is a blessing. It is a curse. To be with somebody in such a way is very much a fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, after the slightest taste of this, being alone becomes something worse. The Yin and the Yang represent perfect harmony. What can one be without the other if not complete chaos?

When we are together, we become something more. We are not quite one being, but we aren't separate, either. We are much greater than the sum of our parts.

Legs entangled.
Hips pressing against one another.
Arms wrapped around all over, keeping us here for as long as possible.

Passing the hours in this way is nothing short of bliss. There is no awkwardness. We can just stay still, whispering our thoughts and devouring each other with our senses. Our imperfections melt away.

When we are finally pulled apart by the force of cruel circumstance, we are diminished. Separately, we are less than half of what we are when we embrace so fully. Yin without Yang. Yang without Yin. Our bodies are not defined by their actual physical shape. We become aware of what isn't there rather than what is. We are haunted by the echoes of heartbeats and breathing. We are intensely aware of how much warmer we could be.

Together, we are something more beautiful than we ever could imagine.
Apart, we are smaller and more alone than ever before.

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