Also referred to as the "nuclear football" or the world's most important piece of luggage.

The Russians also have a nuclear football. Their football was almost activated in 1995 under Boris Yeltsen, when a Norwegian weather satellite was launched and detected by the Russian central command system as a possible incoming nuclear warhead from the West.

The football, briefcase, etc, is carried by a military aide from one of the five branches of the armed forces. (It is not carried by a member of the secret service, nor soley a Naval officer).

As an interesting side note, the briefcase is made of black leather skin, with a titanium lining. (Well, I guess its got to look good). The carrier of the briefcase is (apparently) armed with a M9 Beretta 9mm, which may not seem like much, but remember, there is usually a secret service detail near by, and they pack a little more punch.

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