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Although ill advised with strangers, the chewing/nibbling and erstwhile
tickling of random stockings can be a worthwhile endeavor.

For New Years Eve I wore stockings. I have recently come to know and adore stockings. I have worn stockings with a netted look (not quite fishnet, but I'm getting there), ones with a seam that runs straight down the back and have lacy tops, and ones that are seamless but silky. My favorite has to be the seamless but silky variety. Sure, there's something to be said for the netted ones. They show your wild side. The ones with the seams are sexy as all hell, especially when coupled with the three inches of lace that hugs your thighs just so. But they are a bitch to keep straight, and I don't think guys really appreciate how much effort goes into making sure your straps are in just the right spot, your seam running from the strap to your heel in a direct line. No, the silky ones are my personal favorite. They cling to your legs and you can't help but run your hands over them to feel the smoothness they create. Unless you tell someone, no one else knows about the stockings, the garter, the silky black panties beneath it all. You get a small thrill wearing them, you feel sexier and your confidence increases in ways you didn't know possible. In short, stockings rock. There are many fun things you can do with stockings besides just wear them. From stripping them off to leaving them on (wink) stockings are an item that can be enjoyed by everyone.

One of the most enjoyable experiences to have with stockings, is to have them ripped, cut or torn while you're still in them. One of my friends dressed as Little Red Riding Hood if the wolf had caught her for Halloween this year. Part of her costume was that it had to be ripped up, little scratches had to be created on her skin with make-up, and her hair was disheveled with leaves in it. To prepare for the costume party she invited her lover to her home, showed him her costume by parading around the bedroom in it, then handed him a scalpel. He was stunned, not being overly kinky himself infact he's quite vanilla, but quickly got excited and as she threw her leg up onto his shoulder, he began carefully pulling the fabric from her skin and attacking it with the scalpel.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If it has a point, it will cause a run and can cause a hole as well. Don't limit yourself to scalpels and scissors, get creative! Use what you have at hand or purchase a special tool for the job if you foresee it being a reoccuring event.

  • Never underestimate brute strength or the power of your chompers. Using your hands and teeth to make the runners and holes has its obvious advantages. (I have found that when someone uses their teeth it is far more thrilling than quickly snipping with scissors. Still..there is the feel of the cold metal running along your skin to consider.)

  • Consider the size of the holes you make carefully. You don't want to find the stockings hanging loosely around your legs, or worse that you've made shorts of them. The whole point is to create that sexy battered look. Holes no larger than, say, an american quarter are a good size to have, as well as lots of tiny holes. That said, some people are really turned on by the sight of a woman in stockings that are barely there. This requires very large holes, practically cutting the stockings away in sections. If this is your desired look, consider getting a size smaller than you would normally wear so there isn't as much to hang loosely.

  • Consider the quantity of your holes carefully. Remember, you're creating a masterpiece that will be viewed only once as is, then will be forever altered each time it is removed and put back on. Too many holes will make it difficult to get back on (toes will go through them and rip the stockings horribly)and will make the stockings more likely to get snagged on furniture.

  • Runners are the key to sexy stockings. Who can resist that one runner that twists around the back of the calf going ever higher until it disappears beneath the skirt?

  • If you have a stocking fetish, it probably isn't wise to whip out your scissors whenever you see someone wearing them. Just because that buxom blonde sitting across from you on the train has her legs crossed just high enough for you to see her straps, that doesn't mean she wants you to shred them. In fact, she may be on her way to a business meeting where ripped stockings are largely frowned upon.

  • Fishnets do not lend themselves to being nibbled upon or ripped with teeth. I would go so far as to discourage this practice. Aside from the obvious reason (They have holes already you goober!) the person using their chompers on your stockings is in danger of lip and tongue cuts from the string. If you or your partner are into bloodletting..then go at it. Just be sure to have some antibiotics at hand to prevent infection.

The love of ripped stockings isn't something passing in some people, there are entire fetishes catered around it. Some people like wearing them, men and women. Some people like looking at those wearing them. And then there are those that like making the rips and tears.

Might I suggest: www.rippedstockings.com

Thank you, etouffee, for giving birth to the title of this node.

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