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A corporate culture; the atmosphere at work.

Some examples:

You are not an employee, you are a citizen. There is a code: read it, learn it, and live it. The posters in your workspace are not decoration, they define and reinforce your identity. You are a representative of the company twenty-four hours a day, and all that you do reflects on its reputation. Have faith that our executives guide us wisely and well, and continue to do so until they are fired by others who, in firing them, are also acting wisely and well.

In return for your allegiance, we will take care of you and your family. We understand that your daughter needs braces; we will provide for that. We will help you pay off your crushing debt. Backed by the full power and authority of the company, we are prepared to make you an offer you can't refuse.

Here is the employment form, and a pen. It has our company logo on it--feel free to take it with you. There will be many pens from now on.

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