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At Texas A&M University, the "O&M" building, that is, the "Oceanography and Meteorology" building, since renamed for someone or other (whose name I forget now, I think "David" somebody) has one really cool feature, besides the Doppler radar that's on top of it, I mean, which is a pretty cool thing for a building to have.

The building is ten stories tall, and has these grooves or channels on the outside that run the entire height of the building. Each channel is about 4ft x 4ft x ten stories. If you stand in one of the channels and clap, or stomp or make some other loud noise you will hear it echo in a very strange way. It sounds like a bullet ricochetting around...a bouncy popping whining kind of noise. Really cool.

I discovered this one day back in '88 or so while waiting for a friend's class to end. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have discovered it independently, anyone walking by that building with any curiousity can't help but go stand in those channels and make some kind of noise.

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