You cannot be remembered to history if you are named Tim. If you are a politician, general, musician, scientist or artist named Tim, your name won't last beyond your generation.*

If you are a Hollywood celebrity, your fame will be fleeting. You may not be box office poison, but you can't last. Doesn't matter how good an actor you are, you do not have the star power to open a movie (Tim Robbins, Timothy Hutton)... unless you've stepped into a money-making franchise that will outlast any one actor (Timothy Dalton). The best you can hope to achieve is the occasional Academy Award nomination, or mere cult status (Tim Curry, Tim Burton). Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame. You may have better luck in television (Tim Allen), but that's no guarantee of longevity (Tim Conway).

Three guesses as to what my first name is. The first two don't count.

*unless you were an outspoken proponent of the psychedlic experience. Or knighted. Or invented the World Wide Web.

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