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The dandelion trickster

The dandelion trickster
Smiles again at the morning sun
Irreverently waiting
For an old friend, the gardener
To scowl and curse and chop my head off.

The serious tulips, the elegant roses,
The graceful petunias, they all have their poses.
Oh so soft and so fragile, so helpless and weak
They cry for the gardener, whose attention they seek.

The dandelion laughs
At their pathetic display
At their trysts with that old man
Who they lead so astray!
But off with, my head
And I'm back the next day.

And I'll stay glowing and bright,
Since when the old fool
Steps out of his house
To enforce his old rule,

And howls and screams
At my tricky old way,
I know he's really thinking
What a dandy fine day.

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