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Mean Values of Self-Ranked Endowment Status

Variable             Modest         Average        Endowed
Erect Length         141.5mm (5.6") 161.8mm (6.4") 181.1mm (7.1") 
Erect Circumference  117.6mm (4.6") 127.4mm (5.0") 137.8mm (5.4")

Vital Penis Statistics for Men 18 Years and Older

                Mean±Standard  Max    Min
Length of       86.3mm± 27.0   157mm  25mm
Flaccid Penis
Length of       161.5mm± 31.5  260mm  68mm
Erect Penis
Circumference   127.6mm± 25.5  200mm  60mm
of Erect Penis
Length of       39.5mm± 9.9    76mm   12mm

Length of       3.4"± 1.1      6.2"  1.0"  
Flaccid Penis
Length of       6.4"± 1.2      10.2" 2.7" 
Erect Penis
Circumference   5.0"± 1.0      7.9"  2.4"  
of Erect Penis
Length of       1.6"± 0.4      3.0"  0.5"
Which puts me right around the mean. Deep Sigh.

Can someone explain to me how exactly one measures a flaccid penis? Do you just flop it onto a ruler? Do you have to make sure not to stretch it out any? If you are fat are you allowed to push the fat back a little? And how flacid does it have to be exactly? Are we talking just got out of the pool flaccid, or in between the regular 90 minute erection flaccid? Who did this study? Where's Buttercup? Why does dem bones feel that we should believe he's freakin' huge?

Ok, the node above has changed author's. Previously dem bones was claiming he was "freakin' huge".

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