Whenever I trip acid, I have this urge to call everyone that I know. I'm not sure why this happens, except for I'm feeling so phenomenal at the moment and I want everyone to know about it. Except that everyone who I want to call is usually asleep at this point and they don't really appreciate being woken up to insane giggles and your theories about how everything in the universe suddenly makes sense. One time I woke a friend of mine up and he was still half asleep, the only thing he got from my conversation was that the guy I was with and I had sex. This was untrue, but he interpreted "we're both really fucked up" to "we fucked."

Now, when I'm drunk, I want to email people. I have important things that I want to tell them, things that I probably shouldn't tell them, but I'm drunk and I feel really good and I just want to share my warm and fuzzy feelings. I've now solved the problem of pouring my heart out that shouldn't be poured out yet and feeling really stupid in the morning by emailing "I really really want to talk to you but I'm not going to tell you what I want to say because I'll feel stupid later." That gets my feelings out with no harm done. :)

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