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While many have attributed the left handed dexterity of a person to an above average intellect or increased logic as apposed to creative thinking, many disadvantages come with it as well. For instance, take the average pencil or pen and look at its name or whatever marques the designer placed on it. Now, hold that writing implement in your left hand and read it. Hmm, seems a bit, upside-down .

Next, if you right-handers or lucky ambidextrous people are able to scrawl out a phrase or two, you will notice that the text you are writing is obscured by the wrist and hand, a common pain for those who might need to look back on their work. In addition, if you were to look at the right side of your writing hand, you will see a rather dark smudge. Of course, this mark has also been the result of smearing of ink/lead on the paper and thus has damaged your work.

Thank you for your time and remember, this has not been an rant about the trauma the left handed people face but an attempt to better educate our less informed brethren so that we may all enjoy the a world of unity without prejudice. Of course, a simple keyboard would fix this all and when was the last time you noded by hand?

The three ring binder vs. the left handed describes another such problem.

In addition, older school desks tend to have an armrest where your right arm can lie, but your left arm is left hanging off the edge of the desk. You will never find such a desk made for left handed people - as soon as the inequality became evident, desks were made ambidextrous.

It is noticeably harder to find baseball mitts or golf clubs for left handed people, and noticeably more expensive when you do. If you happen to play sports, many conventions and pieces of equipment are configured to expect a right handed user.

Had we lived a few centuries ago, we would have been persecuted, or even denounced as witches and warlocks, for our dexterity. Is it any coincidence that "right" means both the directional indicator, and "correct"? Is it any surprise that sinister, the Latin word for left, came to mean evil? Or that dexter, the Latin word for right, came to be the root of such words that refer to handedness in general such as dexterity and ambidextrous? Even gauche, the French word for "left", lightly means off or crude in English.

And, finally, ANY computer, in ANY public place, will have its mouse on the right hand side of the keyboard, without exception. Some old desktop PCs had the mouse port on the right side of the case, such that it was pretty much impossible to put the mouse on the left side! And mind you, if you had to share your computer with anyone, they would expect their mouse on the right side of the keyboard. Nowadays, with USB hubs and keyboards, it's somewhat easier to do this if you so desire. However, almost all of us who are left-handed long ago gave up and conformed to using the mouse with our right hand. And even if we did try to switch, we would need to reverse the left and right button functions, and we'd have to dismiss snippy messages from our OS warning us that if we inverse our mouse buttons, we might lose control of our computer. (I guess they don't assume lefties are more intelligent...)

So I'm stuck using the mouse with my bad hand. I have trouble playing dexterity-heavy games like Quake, since the reflexes in my right hand just aren't that good. At least I have an excuse for sucking at Quake, though.

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