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It's 2am I'm tripping my balls off in the 24-hour Ottawa, Kansas Wal-Mart. My sweet angelic roommate is busy dancing with Pikachu, while I'm getting distracted by donuts. You heard me I was preoccupied with the sweet tasty treats behind the glass doors.

Of course I didn't want to eat any because I was tripping, but I couldn't stop staring at them. They were fucking beautiful, dude. I have never seen such a sight before.

All these freshly baked, perfectly iced donuts. There were no empty spots. Every donut had a friend and every friend had a donut.

It wasn't like when you go to the bakery at 9am on a Sunday, and the donuts have been ransacked like a meth lab on Cops. The donuts were all lined up so perfectly just waiting, and hoping to someday fulfill their donut dreams.

But there I was I couldn't eat a bite because damnit the donuts are so fucking pretty.

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