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I went to Barnes and Noble wearing an amazon.com tshirt on purpose, because I knew it would work on somebody. Really I hate amazon.com except for research but a tshirt is a tshirt and besides I enjoy it when strangers concern themselves with what I wear. A glance or a comment, it's all fodder for future anecdotes. Sometimes I lean in with a "hey, we're about to share a secret" smile, and I say  I'm going to dissect you later, you know.

The information desk had a wait but the information man was worth waiting for. Tip: When talking to someone wearing a nametag, make note of their name right away. That way you don't have to flicker your gaze from theirs, you can call them by name, eyes locked, and they will at least find it unusual, because no one ever reads nametags, unless they do so to make a point, to be simpering or bastardly. If you're friendly instead, this is an excellent trick.

My turn. His good eyes. He smiled, didn't even let me start.   You know, coming in here with a shirt like that, I'm under no obligation to answer your question.

I kept his gaze. I laughed, low. I leaned over the counter toward his eyes. The better to win you with. Hey, we're about to share something.   "I'm here to steal your secrets, Conrad."   Done.

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