All this talk of creating E2 shirts and stickers reminds me of the excitement I felt when I purchased a small package of cheesy Epson iron-on transfer paper and realized I could make any computer image I wanted into attire. I had plans to create shirts depicting images of Aeon Flux, Smurfs, Jane's Addiction, Jack Skellington and obscure Simpsons characters that would be the envy of other fans who would wander the earth wondering where I could have come across such limited and poignant shirts the likes of which they had never seen.

However, even with all these imaginative and envy provoking ideas I had brewing, the very first shirt I created was a little different. The design was simple: A Confederate flag (you know, the good ol' southern cross) with the words Attention: I'm a moron plastered across it in outlined white. I thought I was so clever but have yet to wear this alleged shirt outside the city of Chicago's safe boundaries. I apologize if I am offending any southern noders out there. I was not meaning to belittle southerners in general with this decal, only the type of people who walk around proudly displaying images of the confederate flag on T-shirts, a phenomenon that has never ceased to amaze and disgust me.

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