I found her outside sitting in the snow next to the dumpster smoking a cigarette. I said, Kate, what do you think you're doing? You're going to catch a cold.

She said, Stop acting like a mom.

I said, No really Kate, just what do you think you are doing out here?

Getting over them, getting over me.

I laughed. I said, Kate, don't be silly. You got over them a long time ago. Get up. Before those tears freeze to your face. Come back to the party. You are going to miss your favorite song.

And we heard Robert Smith's vocals chime in with "Friday I'm in love"

She smiled. I said, Do you know what it is to have you smiling at me? Come on, dance.

And so she did. She stood up and danced, with me. For hours, out in the freezing cold and dirty snow next to the cigarette butts wasted after nights of contemplation.

I said, Kate, come inside.

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